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Our team

A team of experienced recruitment specialists,
offering you a superior service thanks to a transparent and honest approach!

Our expertise

Performance Recruitement stands by the accuracy of the research leading to the hiring of the ideal professional, and not by the volume of candidates interviewed. Our success lies in the seamless integration of the candidate within your business. Our challenge is to meet the right person for your company according to the specific needs of both parties.

Fine-tuned expertise

Recognized as a leader in the IT industry, Performance Recruitement offers sharpened expertise in the following areas: Web development, project management, enterprise solutions (ERP), content management, integration and business intelligence.

With a database of more than 35,000 applicants, as well as multiple partnerships with companies from different sectors and sizes, Recrutement4IT is emerging as the ideal partner for effective and efficient recruitment.


Our mission

Valuing strategic partnerships, Performance Recruitement is committed to meeting the needs of entrepreneurs and employers looking for qualified labor and, by presenting the candidates better targeted, according to predefined criteria, all in an effort of impeccable integrity and transparency.

Performance Recruitement

Our firm specializes in direct recruitment commonly called head hunting. The whole team is proud to help your business by finding more efficient talents.


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