Answers to your questions

4iT Recruitment is a team of skilled professionals with many years of experienced in recruitment offering a high quality service due to their transparent and honest approach.
The values of our company are : Commitment to a common goal, Self-Exceeding, Integrity and Pleasure at work.
Performance Recruitement will present you the best candidates in Engineering, Construction, Architecture, Technical and industrial work, Production and Supply, and Information Technology. Whether in web development, project management, business solutions, document management, programming, or systems administration, we will find the best talent for your business.
Given the current economic environment, with demand far outstripping supply, and the impending retirement of baby boomers, it is increasingly difficult to find truly qualified talent. The low loyalty of candidates does not make it easy for employers : millennials generally place more importance on the reputation and ethics of their company, than on their name or its representativeness.
That is why head hunting has become, over the years, our main means of finding talent, and is now an integral part of our DNA. This method allows us to find the candidates at the highest potential – they are currently working. We bring diversity, dynamism and speed in our talent research, for a direct impact on your operations and your performance.